About Alaleh

Alaleh is a writer & illustrator from Los Angeles. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Literature from the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara and a master’s in the Teaching and Practice of Creative Writing from Cardiff University. She has written one novel, White Mulberries, and recently published her first collection of poetry, Twenty Irish Love Poems and a Grecian Lament (Written in the English Language by a Persian Poetess). Her current projects include: The Vampire Annika, a collection of short stories, fairy tales, advice columns, comics and fashion articles which she has been sharing online since 2019, and Esmeralda the Witch, a new project she is currently developing for 2021.

About Annika

Alaleh first came up with the concept of a vampire dating profile in 2018, shortly after divorcing her husband and moving back in with her mother. In 2019, after a series of scary vampire dreams and even scarier human dates, she finally did a few rough sketches and posted them on her Tinder profile. Within a month, she created and posted The Many Faces of Annika on Instagram. And just like that, a little Persian vampire heroine was born.

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