the 10 kinkiest kinky boots, kinky boots (boop boop) of the 1960s

The fashion boot made its first official appearance in the early 1950s. Beth and Herbert Levine began incorporating leather calf-highs into their collections as early as 1953, much to the shock and horror of the fashion world. Boots were thought of as largely utilitarian at the time, but by the

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get the look: cathy gale

There aren’t many television characters who have rattled our imaginations the way Catherine Gale did when she made her first appearance on The Avengers in 1962. A lethal combination of brains, brawn, attitude and style, Steed’s multi-talented partner – portrayed by the beautiful and impossibly elegant Honor Blackman – is still considered

the 10 Most purrrfect catsuits of the 1960s

Ever since Musidora slinked across the silver screen in her black zentai in 1915, the catsuit has become somewhat of a cinema (and later television) fashion standard. Every Apache criminal, jewel thief, secret agent, masked superheroine, motorcycle badass and space cadet worth her salt seems to own a minimum of one, if not in

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get the look: the catwoman

There have been so many wonderful Catwoman portrayals over the years. Who could forget Michelle Pfeiffer’s diamond cat eyes glinting cooly from behind her vinyl dominatrix mask back in 1992? Or Anne Hathaway’s lethal, leather-covered gams thrashing about Gotham City some twenty years later? They come and go and leave

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