the many faces of annika (2021)

My name is Annika. But it was not always so. I was born in Safavid Persia in the Gregorian year 1620 and was made vampyr some twenty years later. In those days they called me Anna Khanum. As you can see, I was a great and very dangerous beauty. That

i hate you

who’s this boomer?

would you like to leave a gratuity?

le le le le le

the beowulf song

2020 vampire chakra assessment chart by the vampire annika

(from bottom to top) Volcanic Sand ChakraLocation: perineumElement: earthAssessment: fucked Tar Pit ChakraLocation: lower bellyElement: waterAssessment: fucked Black Hole Sun ChakraLocation: upper bellyElement: fireAssessment: fucked to a sizzle Rat Droppings & Fur ChakraLocation: heartElement: airAssessment: fucked (& infested) India Ink ChakraLocation: throatElement: soundAssessment: fucked but still talking Evil Eye ChakraLocation:

got your nose

you can’t be here

annika’s vampire abc’s

Words every vampire ought to know, presented here by all the creepy-cute critters that together make up Annika‘s little vampire heart.

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