get the look: cathy gale

There aren’t many television characters who have rattled our imaginations the way Catherine Gale did when she made her first appearance on The Avengers in 1962. A lethal combination of brains, brawn, attitude and style, Steed’s multi-talented partner – portrayed by the beautiful and impossibly elegant Honor Blackman – is still considered one of the most important female television characters of the twentieth century.  It will take a lot more than some leather breeches and a pair of kinky boots to do Mrs. Gale any real justice, but here are a few pointers that might help get you started:

The Basics

Before you begin judo-chopping perfect strangers on the street, try your knife-hand at these four basics.

1 Flipped Bob

Brushed back and subtly teased at the top.

GOLDFINGER, Honor Blackman, 1964

2 Cat Eyes

Again, this is to be done with a great deal of subtlety and restraint. There should be little or no makeup on the bottom half of the eye.


3 Beauty Marks

One on the forehead, two on the cheek. Get those mouches on!


4 A Cool, Confident Air

That uniquely poised, sophisticated brand of Cathy cool.


Wardrobe Essentials

Advertising men say try ’em!

1 Leather

Breeches, tunics, jackets, waistcoats, dresses, boots, gloves, hats – one can’t have too many leather fighting pieces. Just remember not to put your skins in the washing machine.


2 Turtlenecks

And mock turtlenecks. Preferably ribbed and in black. I leave the degree of opacity entirely to your discretion.


3 Kinky Boots

Full length, half length, fully fashion calf length; brown boots, black boots, patent leather jackboots; low boots, high boots, lovely lanky thigh boots. You’re a puss in boots!


4 An Assortment of Fine Hats

Every secret agent worth her salt has got to own a decent collection of headwear, after all.

5 The Occasional Showstopper

To see the delicious look of surprise on their faces when they try to strangle you from behind and you promptly drop them to the floor. In a pencil skirt.


6 Eye Patch

Just in case one of your cat eyes goes wonky.


Go the Extra Mile

1 Move to Africa for a While


2 Get a PhD in Anthropology


3 Become a Bonafide Badass


4 And Then Write a Book About It


5 Find Yourself a Partner Who Annoys the Shit Out of You


6 Seriously Annoys the Shit of You


7 But Go to Bed with Him Anyway


8 Kink It Up


9 Move on to a Bigger and Brighter Future


10 Inspire


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