get the look: the catwoman

There have been so many wonderful Catwoman portrayals over the years. Who could forget Michelle Pfeiffer’s diamond cat eyes glinting cooly from behind her vinyl dominatrix mask back in 1992? Or Anne Hathaway’s lethal, leather-covered gams thrashing about Gotham City some twenty years later? They come and go and leave their scratch marks, but like lovers, there will always be that golden first.

Unfortunately for her successors, the golden first in this case was none other than the incomparable Miss Julie Newmar. A former prima ballerina and Ziegfeld Follies girl, the 5’11” American bombshell’s sexy, playful rendition of our favourite ‘feline devil’ in the first two seasons of the 1966-68 Batman live action TV series is still considered by many aficionados as the only Catwoman worth considering. And though I have not overlooked the other two feline fatales of the 1960s Batman adaptations – Miss Lee Meriwether, who played the role in the 1966 film Batman: The Movie and Miss Eartha Kitt, who took Newmar’s place in the third season of the television show – this article is, for the most part, a tribute to Newmar and her timeless interpretation of the Princess of Plunder. Here is how to get her meowvelous look:

The Basics

Perfect these four basics before you cat-apult yourself into full-fledged felinedom.

1 A Healthy, Limber Figure

Size doesn’t matter, but remember you’re an expert jewel thief with catlike precision. Try dance, gymnastics, Pilates or yoga to help you limber up in time for your next big caper!

2 Lion’s Mane

A full, luxurious head of bedroom hair, ranging anywhere from amber to espresso to black.

3 Thorny Eyebrows

I’m not sure why they are thorny exactly but they are.

4  A Playful, Feline Quality

That certain je ne sais chat!

Wardrobe Essentials

Add these eight must-haves to your kitty closet.

1 Catsuit

Black, long-sleeved and bodaciously bedazzled!


2 Ankle Booties

With kitten heels, of course!


3 Cat Ears and Mask

In the same glittery material as your catsuit. (Plait is optional.)


4 Black Satin Gloves

Complete with cat claws.

5 Golden Belt and Medallion

Items you might perhaps have ‘picked up’ at the Egyptian Archaeology department of your local museum. (Bonus points if your medallion has a communicator, tells time or meows.)

6 Touches of Cheetah, Tiger and Leopard Print

For those rare times when you’re taking a break from all your plotting and plundering.

7 Catamizer and Whip (And a Voice Eraser If You Can Get Your Hands on One)

If for no other reason than to just once be able to say, ‘Ah, but I’ve reached an impasse! Shall I steal your voice or end your life?’

8 Feline Companion

And no, a stuffed toy will not do! (An Egyptian Mau statuette would be okay though.)

Go the Extra Mile

1 Build Yourself a Cozy, Little Cat’s Lair

2 Incorporate More Dairy into Your Diet

3 Develop a Highly Sophisticated Catabulary

4 Get Yourself an Army of Cat Burglars to Do Your Dirty Work for You

5 And Then Constantly Complain About How Incompetent They All Are

6 Become a Seasoned Criminal

7 Fall in Love with the Wrong Guy

8 Lose Some of Your Marbles

One Reply to “get the look: the catwoman”

  1. Brian says:

    Whoa and Wow!!
    This is awesome you’re so on point with the attention to detail from the gloves to the catsuit to the quotes are you Catwoman? I wanna see the more info on the
    cat lair. Also you looked 💯%
    Amazing and Stunning as Julie Newmar. Looking forward to more content on Catwoman 1966 Batman show. They don’t make stuff like this anymore 😔

    Thank You


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