2020 vampire chakra assessment chart by the vampire annika

(from bottom to top)

  1. Volcanic Sand Chakra
    Location: perineum
    Element: earth
    Assessment: fucked
  2. Tar Pit Chakra
    Location: lower belly
    Element: water
    Assessment: fucked
  3. Black Hole Sun Chakra
    Location: upper belly
    Element: fire
    Assessment: fucked to a sizzle
  4. Rat Droppings & Fur Chakra
    Location: heart
    Element: air
    Assessment: fucked (& infested)
  5. India Ink Chakra
    Location: throat
    Element: sound
    Assessment: fucked but still talking
  6. Evil Eye Chakra
    Location: brow
    Element: light
    Assessment: open but still fucked
  7. Wilted Lotus
    Location: top of the head
    Element: cosmic energy
    Assessment: buggered

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