annika for president!

* Because my face isn’t made out of silly putty! ⁣

* Because I’m the oldest geezer on this podium! ⁣

* Because Covid doesn’t stand a chance against the Plague! (Or as I like to call her, Mother.)

* Sure, I wasn’t born here but I’ve been a proud face-eating Merkin since 1690!⁣

* Stood by and did absolutely nothing during the Salem witch trials (and every single national crisis thereafter)!⁣

* 17th century morals, 21st century technology!⁣

* Backed by Genghis Khan’s progeny!⁣

* No empty promises, just straight bold-faced lies!⁣

* Free gimp masks for all!⁣

* My son wasn’t on drugs but I am!⁣

* May eat you and your offspring, but will do it with pizzazz! ⁣

Annika. Finally, a sociopath you can trust! ⁣

Vote TODAY! 

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