my vampire quarantine schedule

1-2 Hours Before Sundown: Read in Coffin.⁣

*Current Reads: Murder on the Orient Express. The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám.⁣

Sundown: Levitate for 10-15 Minutes. Send Raven to Beowulf in Gothland.⁣

Breaking the Fast: Kuchuk Khatun Cleric & Cardamom Persian Tea Blend & Mean Bar.⁣

Early Evening: 30 Minutes Belly Dance or Flamenco. Draw for a Few Hours.⁣

Midnight: 30 Minute Walk in the Moonlight. Write for a Few Hours.

Dinner with Mother: Testicle Caviar (Mother‘s Favourite) & A Red Russian (Blood & Vodka Cocktail).

Wee Hours: Send Telegraph to Beowulf. Nightly Tarot Reading.

*Deck of Choice: The Visconti-Sforza Tarot Deck. (The Only Surviving Full Deck in the World.)

1-2 Hours Before Sunrise: Opium & A Bathory Bloodbath (With Floating Candles & Sandalwood).

*Relaxation Music of Choice: Rammstein.

**Freak out at least once per evening. 

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