what’s in my vampire grave? by the vampire annika


(from top left moving right)⁣⁣

1. Miswak Twigs & Teeth Cleaning Kit

2. Smelling Salts (Lavender & Virgin Fragrance)⁣⁣

3. A Pillow Mother Embroidered⁣ for Me

4. Gold Coins (For Emergency Bribes, Etc.)⁣⁣

5. Dream Journal & Quill⁣⁣

6. A Nice 1793 Burgundian (For When I Wake up Again)

7. One Foot⁣⁣

8. Comfortable Nightdress & Sleeping Mask⁣⁣

9. A Few Books in Case I Need to Stay Underground for a While⁣⁣

10. Opium Pipe for Sleepless Days⁣⁣

11. A Portrait of Beowulf⁣⁣

12. Persian Sabre⁣⁣

13. Your Dirty Little Secret⁣⁣ (Boxed)

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