‘oh, there it is!’ recovered treasures from annika’s hair


(from top left moving right)

1. A Broken Hairbrush From the Mid-19th Century (With Handmaiden’s Hand)

2. Arabic Gum

3. The Opera Tickets I Accused Mother of Losing Back in 1926

4. Somebody’s Dungeon Keys

5. The Great Mogul Diamond

6. That Apology Letter I Meant to Send

7. Some Asshole’s Evil Eye (Also Explains the Run of Bad Luck I’ve Been Having These Last Eighty Years)

8. That Literary Masterpiece I Just Knew I Had Written

9. One Thriving Cuckoo’s Nest

10. A Skewer of Mother’s Mystery Kebabs

11. My Vanishing Twin 

12. Another Little Missing Piece of My Rodent Heart

13. Your Ex-boyfriend’s Testicles (Refashioned as a Statement Earring)

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